Custom Outplacement Packages

Custom Outplacement Packages - Price Negotiable


We can design custom programs to suit the unique needs of your organization. At Surcorp, we pride ourselves on being ready, responsive and proactive. Our industry expertise enables us to rapidly mobilize our diverse resources to your advantage. Benefit from the knowledge of our Outplacement Consultants, Certified Career Coaches, HR Professionals and Recruitment Specialists. We will assemble an entire team of specialists to empower your corporate transformation with one of the following solutions:

Flexible and focused on addressing the acute needs of the greatest number through strategic programming. Custom group packages that deliver relevant results and separation assistance tailored to multi-disciplinary groups across diverse professional levels to meet any budgetary needs. Call our Business Relations Officers at 416.361.1290 or 1.866.361.1290 to discuss your unique needs. 

bronze_peoplesilverpeople For Your Organization

Deliver a streamlined, cost-efficient and holistic separation solution that assists your HR team, remaining staff and exiting employees.

  • The Feel Good Factor: It is not only employees who find terminations traumatic. Communicates a positive message internally/externally around the employer's attitude to their employees.
  • Morale: A poorly handled termination not only affects the individual, it affects the morale and company loyalty of all other employees. Retaining talented employees is critical and Managers will need to put in place measures to reassure, motivate and reward staff remaining with the organization.
  • Leadership: Continuing employees will scrutinize the leadership that management demonstrates in navigating these difficult circumstances with consequences for employee productivity and motivation.
  • Brand Image: Former employees who are disgruntled can, and often do "bad mouth" the company or organization, damaging its public image and reputation in the marketplace. Minimize attrition through proactive support.
  • Legal Risks: In today's litigation-conscious business world, you can reduce the risk of legal action by ensuring a termination is handled with fairness and dignity all around.
For Your Employees

Our personalized, one-on-one programs empower your exiting staff with targeted solutions that reduce negative impacts and accelerate job-market readiness and re-employment.

  • Positive Change: Our Outplacement Consultants & Career Transition Coaches work closely with your employees to minimize shock and prevent confusion, identifying opportunities and developing a strategic “go-forward” plan.
  • Exploration: Our Outplacement Consultants can assist in evaluating all potential career options, including career change, lateral transition, professional development, entrepreneurship or retirement.
  • Productivity: Our outplacement service ensures that transitioning employees remain focused, goal-oriented and productive in their job-search through a step-by-step campaign that accelerates career re-settlement.
  • Success: Our programs cultivate career-savvy professionals and reduce the unemployment gap for exiting staff.