Termination Support & Training

Termination support

A Surcorp Representative wil be available to provide support throughout the termination process. Initially, this entails the provision of consulting and advisory services to the WSIB Human Resources team regarding managing a reduction in force (both individual and group). The representative will advise on termination meeting best-practices, communication strategies for terminated and retained employees, methods to preserve morale and tactical plans to mitigate business disruptions and uphold the order of the day.

Surcorp representatives provide on-site day-of termination assistance by meeting one-on-one or in small group sessions with terminated employees to provide a face-to-face introduction of Surcorp and personally explain the nature and purpose of outplacement services. This enables exiting employees to gain a greater understanding of outplacement services and the benefits of the transition program in helping them seek re-employment. A personal meeting also enables the transitioning employee and a Surcorp Representative to begin establishing a rapport and build trust to ensure effective integration into the program and from there into new employment.


Termination Training

There are few who would want to say they are good at employee terminations. Even the most experienced managers feel stress and anxiety when they go through the termination process. Our training sessions provide your HR and/or management team with practical guidelines to help with the separation process and advice on how to do it effectively to reduce uncertainty and minimize risks to the organization.


This training will focus on enabling you to ensure successful terminations that:

  • Preserve employee dignity.
  • Reduce organizational risks.
  • Ensure minimal negative impact on remaining employees.