Outplacement ROI

Benefits of Outplacement

Outplacement programs optimize your corporate integrity and brand by ensuring a positive change process during restructuring, rightsizing or transformations.


RS Outplacement serves as a confidential and strategic HR partner, providing your displaced employees with an effective, results-orientated outplacement program. Our Outplacement Consultants know that activities related to retrenchments and mergers can increase employee uncertainty, but by providing displaced employees with an effective outplacement program, you can reduce anxiety amongst remaining staff and improve morale. RS Outplacement offers comprehensive outplacement programs developed for executives to non-management candidates. Our outplacement services and programs are tailored to helping personnel gain employment quickly and professionally.


For Your Organization

A Surcorp representative will be available to provide support throughout the termination process. Initially, this entails the provision of consulting and advisory services to the WSIB Human Resources team regarding managing a reduction in force (both individual and group). The representative will advise on termination meeting best-practices, communication strategies for terminated and retained employees, methods to preserve morale and tactical plans to mitigate business disruptions and  uphold the order of the day.

Surcorp representatives provide on-site day-of termination assistance by meeting one-on-one or in small group sessions with terminated employees to provide a face-to-face introduction of Surcorp and personally explain the nature and purpose of outplacement services. This enables exiting employees to gain a greater understanding of outplacement services and the benefits of the transition program in helping them seek re-employment. A personal meeting also enables the transitioning employee and a Surcorp representative to begin establishing a rapport and build trust to ensure effective integration into the transition program and from there into new employment.


For Your Employees

Our personalized, one-on-one programs empower your exiting staff with targeted solutions that reduce negative impact, accelerate job-market readiness and facilitate re-employment.

  • Positive Change: Our Outplacement Consultants & Career Transition Coaches work closely with your employees to minimize  shock and prevent confusion, identifying opportunities and developing a strategic “go-forward” plan.
  • Exploration: Our Outplacement Consultants can assist in evaluating all potential career options, including career change, lateral transitions, professional development, entrepreneurship or retirement.
  • Productivity: Our outplacement service ensures that transitioning employees remain focused, goal-oriented and productive in  their job-search through a step-by-step campaign that accelerates career re-settlement.
  • Success:  Our programs cultivate career-savvy professionals and reduce the unemployment gap for exiting staff.