For Employers


Our  outplacement programs optimize your corporate integrity and brand by ensuring a positive change process during restructuring, rightsizing or transformations.

RS Outplacement serves as a confidential and strategic HR partner, providing your displaced employees with an effective, results-orientated outplacement program. Our Outplacement Consultants know that activities related to retrenchments and mergers can increase employee uncertainty, but by providing displaced employees with an effective outplacement program, you can reduce anxiety amongst remaining staff and improve morale.

We offer outplacement programs developed for all levels of candidates, ranging from executives to non-managers. Our outplacement services and programs are tailored to helping personnel gain employment quickly and professionally.

  • Training for managers and HR in handling terminations - before, during and after the announcement.
  • Counselling on day-of termination(s) announcement.
  • Advice to managers on how to minimize risk and handle the sensitive issues surrounding impacts on individuals.
  • Outplacement objective setting at commencement of consultation.
  • Pre-event planning for rightsizing.
  • Change management planning.
  • Support during the transition and communication processes.
  • Career Transition Coaching for exiting staff.
  • Tailored outplacement programs.
  • One-on-one career coaching for former staff.
  • A team of certified Career Transition professionals.
  • Cost effective outplacement solutions.