Interview Coaching

 "Your revamp of my résumé and your practical interviewing advice did the trick: I was hired last week for a job that appears to be a very good fit. Your résumé and cover letter won me interviews for different open job searches, quite a good result given the high level of competition. Thanks so much for your help. I would highly recommend your excellent servies to other job-seekers."  C. Jones, 2006

All of our outplacement participants work in an individual setting with a Certified Employment Interview Coach. Our time-tested interview coaching model simulates a variety of interview formats and questions, from unstructured styles (e.g. "Tell me a little about yourself") to example-focused behavioural questions (e.g. "Tell me about how you have handled conflicts with colleagues in the past").

Background: Surcorp Group’s Interview Coaching, facilitated by a Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP), teaches clients to operationalize their unique value propositions during one-on-one role plays and group sessions. Using creative self-exploration exercises, the Interview Coaching session (s) will provide the client with the tools to articulate who they are, what they know, what they want to do, their accomplishments, skills and abilities, and the value they can bring to a company or organization.

Content: The session (s) will enable the client to transform values, skills, and accomplishments into a cohesive message or value proposition. Drawing upon strategies including the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to position achievements not only as key qualifications, but as meaningful contributions to an organization. The Interview Coach will assist the client to craft a value proposition and supporting accomplishments into a personalized, persuasive 30 second “pitch” using role play and exploration of benchmark samples. To conclude, the Interview Coach will empower the client with approaches to develop answers to some of the most challenging and commonly encountered questions in traditional, behavioural, and situational interviews, finishing with a thorough mock interview to put training into action.

Learning Outcomes: Interview Coaching session (s) will provide the client with interview strategies and insights on what employers seek from interviewees. Through role-playing techniques, critique and practice interview training, the client will have the chance to practice and refine their interview plans. More importantly, this session (s) is a chance for the client to appraise their skills in mock interviews and receive constructive feedback from a Certified Employment Interview Professional. The client will leave feeling prepared to tackle tough questions from potential employers without becoming flustered or nervous.

As part of their Outplacement Package, topics covered in interview coaching sessions include strategies for exceptional telephone interviews, techniques for developing story-based responses to maintain control over the interview, and salary & compensation negotiation training. Our Outplacement Participants also receive general feedback on interview presentation, clarity, and non-verbal communication to ensure a flawless overall impact.