For Individuals

In addition to corporate paid outplacement services, we offer outplacement programs that can be paid for by the individual. Our outplacement programs are created for staff of all levels, from executive, management, professional and technical to administrative, that require career support to quickly become job search ready and career savvy. 

You will partner with a Certified Career Coach who can help you find a new career direction, improve networking skills, negotiate salaries, develop a job search plan, increase your confidence, assist you through career transitions, deal with job loss and help you in planning your future career goals. Our Career Coaches will help you gain career success and joy while navigating through constant workplace changes.

As one of Canada’s leading Career Management firms, Surcorp Group has designed comprehensive Total Solution Programs to facilitate the Outplacement and Career Management needs of various organizations from 2004-present. Our Program Packages offer transition support services to clients at all professional levels, ranging from entry-level, technical, professional, management and senior management to executive. Furthermore, we have developed a wealth of additional resources, tools and materials to supplement and buttress the client’s progress thorough the delivery of coaching and outplacement counselling services.

Our in-house team of Client Coordinators, Outplacement Consultants and Career Management Professionals is dedicated to advocating our clients’ progress and providing supplementary support, including resume distribution, on-line & social media personal branding and job search correspondence. We also have access to a vital professional network of recruiters, professional staffing agencies, life-skills counsellors, legal professionals and wealth management advisors, with the ability to provide referrals to our clients for additional required services.

Consider the following program components:

  • Career Transition Coaching
  • Professional Resume & Letter Writing
  • Career Management Resources & Materials
  • Vocational & Skill Assessments
  • Access to computers & onsite resources
  • Interview Coaching
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Career Transition Professionals
  • Professional Development & Training
  • Job Search Coaching & Strategy Development
  • Recruitment & Staffing Referrals
  • Financial Management Planning
  • Job Search & Career Transition Workshops