Our Team


Qualified Outplacement Consultants - Our people are our finest asset

Career transition, outplacement and career management are extremely personal and it would not be possible to raise the bar to extraordinary heights without extraordinary people delivering those services. At RS Outplacement, our emphasis is on delivering extraordinary outplacement and career counselling through personalized, hands-on client care and attention.

To reach this goal, the overwhelming majority of our Outplacement Consultants are full-time permanent employees – this simple statistic is in marked contrast to other firms who largely employ outplacement contractors who may or may not be available when you need them for your next project.

All RS Outplacement Consultants have meaningful business and career counselling experience and many have professional backgrounds in human resources and psychology. Individual excellence of our outplacement consulting team results in the overall excellence of the outplacement services we provide our clients and the results we achieve.