Service Overview


As part of our outplacement packages, Surcorp RS Outplacement offers full career transition coaching, encompassing the following service components: “Job Loss Counselling,” “Skills Assessments,” “Career Profile Testing,” “Job Search Assistance,” “Re-Employment Planning,” “Networking Training” and “Career & Personal Evaluations.” Our 4-phase holistic job loss counselling and career coaching approach supports clients through difficult career transitions by encouraging them to develop goals and tactical step-by-step plans to achieve the results they seek.


For Organizations

  • Pre-planning for terminations.
  • Guidance to management personnel on planning/conducting reduction in force activities.
  • Counselling on day-of termination(s) announcement.
  • Advice to managers on best communication approach in order to minimize risk and handle the sensitive issues surrounding impacts on employees.
  • Setting outplacement objectives at commencement of consultation.


For Released Employees

Our one-to-one outplacement counselling sessions are a key factor in the released employee's ability to move forward with a positive attitude and effective job campaign strategies. Every released individual, regardless of outplacement category, will receive guidance in the following areas:

  • Dealing With the Separation and Family Issues
  • Developing the Right Attitude & Selecting the Correct Path    
  • Financial Planning
  • Managing the Job Search Process
  • Job Hunting Strategies
  • Resume & Cover Letter Preparation
  • Interview Coaching & Role Playing
  • Job Loss Counselling
  • One-on-One Career Coaching
  • Work Skills Analysis
  • Career Analysis
  • Recruiter List Development
  • Resume Distribution
  • Networking Skills
  • Self Marketing Skills
  • Career Decisions & Negotiations
  • Career Transition Management
  • Career Management Strategies