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Outplacement Consultants

Providing cost-effective, comprehensive outplacement solutions, meeting individual and organizational needs.

Our strength lies in our team of Outplacement Consultants and Career Coaches, all of whom have the skills, passion and commitment needed to deliver practical and effective support. We go the extra mile!

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Recent Projects

Our in-house Outplacement Consultants are Certified Career Transition Coaches, Interview Coaches, Personal Branding & Portfolio Experts, and Certified Resume Writers.

We have designed total Outplacement programs to facilitate the Outplacement and Career Management needs of various organizations from small businesses to multi-national companies.!

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We offer cost-effective and flexible packages to address the needs of 1 to over 100 through strategic outplacement programming.

Our industry expertise enables us to rapidly mobilize our diverse resources to your advantage. Benefit from the knowledge of our Certified Career Coaches, HR Professionals and Outplacement Specialists.

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Executive Outplacement

Executive Outplacement Service Offerings by Executive Career Transition Experts.

Our Executive Outplacement Program delivers one-on-one executive career coaching and mentoring, strategic networking, research and support services to facilitate executive career transition.

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Outplacement Experts

Our in-house Outplacement Consultants are Certified Resume Writers, Interview Coaches, Personal Branding Analyst, Certified Career Transition Coaches, and Career Portfolio Practitioners.

Our consultants are the difference as we focus on your business needs. Our reputation for service excellence, competitive pricing and our effective solutions sets us apart.

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Outplacement programs optimize your corporate integrity and brand by ensuring a positive change process during restructuring, rightsizing or transformations. We are a strategic HR partner, providing your displaced employees with an effective, results-orientated outplacement program.

Our Outplacement Consultants know that activities related to retrenchments can increase employee uncertainty, but by providing displaced employees with an effective outplacement program, you can reduce anxiety amongst remaining staff members and improve morale. We offer individual and group programs tailored to helping exiting personnel gain employment quickly.

Who We Are

One of Canada’s leading career services firms, with 10 years of experience providing corporate outplacement solutions.

What We Do

We are committed to offering your organization a Total Solution that dramatically increases the success of a seamless corporate transition.

Who We Work With

We have been contracted by $Multi Million, global and national organizations from all sectors to provide individual and group solutions.